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" Transforming people’s lives through conversation, education and community "

I motivate individuals to transform their lives by identifying where you are and where you would like to be

If you are tired of being stuck or not making the progress year after year that you would like to see, then a Transformational, Results oriented Coach is just what you need.  We will work on goal clarity, an honest look at where you are, and a true identification of where you would like to be.  We assess your values and how they align to  the goals you really want to achieve.  We plan the steps to close this gap, and measure progress, while removing roadblocks and mindsets that no longer server you and overcome any obstacles to get you there in record time. 

All areas of your life will improve as you focus on new skills, tools and challenges in your career, business or personal life.  True transformation taking you to the next level. Why go another year, 6 months or even 3 months without pushing the needle further than you ever expected. The time is now to invest in yourself, your business and your lifestyle.  You have everything already inside you to achieve your full Human Potential, and I will  help you see it, believe it and transform it.

How amazing would it feel to check off your goals and create even bigger ones, and stop transferring those same misaligned goals to your new calendar each year? 

Let’s get to know one another…

I am Nancy Boniface Weekley and I am passionate about human potential.  I love to see people and mainly my client’s breakthrough and achieve way more than they ever imaged. I’ve been a personal development and human growth junky since the late 1980’s and have attended some amazing live seminars and workshops and taken countless online courses and webinars. There is no lack of information or education available today for all budgets.  What I’ve come to recognize; it is not the information, it is the application and ability to connect the brain(mind) to body(heart) to make lasting changes and propel your life to another level.  

Work with me

I'd love to work with you or just have a conversation. Below are ways to engage with me and some of the services I offer

Private Coaching for you & your business

Private Coaching sessions are dedicated session to obtain clarity on your goals, create action steps and really identify where you are and where you want to go.  I help you close this gap at a rapid pace, though you are in control as I guide you to making the challenges for yourself for our next session.  These sessions often shift from what you think you may want to achieve as we dig deep to discover what has held you up in the past and align your current values to your desired outcomes both business and personal.

The Connection: Group Programs

I love leading group programs as there is so much opportunity to learn from each other.  Groups can be for a specific company, community, or peer grouping and offer a great way to develop yourself and your company. The content delivered can be a specific skill set, demographic concerns, topic or challenge.  I would love to discuss any needs you may have, or if you are looking for a specific community how we can partner to get established.  Please schedule a conversation to discuss your needs and I can share what we have or see what we can create. 

I currently have openings for the upcoming WEE program. WEE is Women Executives and Entrepreneurs.  This 6 month commitment’s primary focus is to to create a master mind group leveraging the experience, skills and direct focus on solving your current challenges.  These groups have proven to give you the ideas, steps and accountability serving as your board and sharing advice, strategies and success stories to get you where you truly want to be.  Your circles will have a vested interest in your success and are curated to provide exactly what you need in your career, business and personal relationships.  These group can and will continue for years providing a strong resource for huge growth.  Please schedule a discussion and complete an application if this is something for which you have been searching. Get your application in early as we are looking forward to starting 2 groups in October. Perfect time for your 2023 year planning.

WEE Coaching Training

Learn how to become an effective coach. Help your employees get what they really want and increase productivity and retention by 56 %,  WEE is a program for Women owned business leaders, executives or managers who will benefit from learning Integrity Solutions proven framework for increasing productivity, work happiness and employee loyalty.

The key principles and skills will carry over into your personal life improving your interactions, communications and engagement with family, friends and intimate relationships.

This program is for those who are ready to invest in themselves.  It is similar to offerings only available at large corporations with some amazing enhancements giving you so much more.


Breathing exercises and focus on the breath is the fastest way to change your state.  Why is this important? Because calming the nervous system calms the body and calming the body allows the brain to provide more clarity of thought. This clarity of thoughts stops the triggers of over reaction, emotional outburst and not being able to see a solution. The solution to a problem can not be seen from the same state as when it was created.  

We store trauma and stress in our body, performing breathwork can remove these blocks that have been keeping you stuck for years. If you are interested in learning more, want to see some tools and techniques, or are ready for an individual or group session. Check out the button below.

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